For coffee lovers: types of coffee drinks

Coffee appears to be the most popular drink (after water and tea). It's nice to take some time for yourself and start the day with a cup of flavourous coffee. What coffee do you choose? Here are the main types of coffee drinks.

1. Espresso

Strong black coffee with golden froth, prepared in a coffee machine.

It is considered the most popular type of coffee in the world.

To make classic espresso you will need 35-40 ml of water. Hot water is supplied under pressure, which explains its name - espresso, that is, "under pressure".

It is served in small china cups or special 100 ml paper cups.

2. Ristretto

Traditionally, it is considered the strongest of coffee drinks - Ristretto means “strong, thick” in Italian.

To make ristretto you will need 7–11 g of coffee per 15–20 ml of water which is half the volume of a classic espresso. Making time is also cut in half.

Ristretto is served in mini coffee cups or 85-100 ml cardboard cups.

3. Americano

Classics for black coffee lovers. To make americano add 1 part of hot water to 1 part of espresso. It makes the drink less strong and flavorful.

Americano got its name from the target audience of consumers: it began to be prepared for Americans during the Second World War in Italy.

Usually, the volume of Americano is 150-200 ml, in coffee houses it is served in china cups or paper cups of the relevant volume.

4. Cappuccino

Cappuccino is made of espresso, preheated milk and milk froth. Classical cooking method: espresso, steamed milk and milk froth in the equal proportion. First, an espresso is poured into the cup, then steamed milk, and then froth is formed.

Lush, airy froth is a key difference from other coffee drinks.

All components of the drink shall be of high temperature and served in a warm 150-180 ml mug or double wall paper cups that keep the drink warm for as long as possible.

5. Latte

The basis of this drink is hot milk: three parts of milk per one part of espresso, it consists of three layers: coffee, milk and milk froth.

Latte is served in high transparent glasses to show the layers. To-go coffee may be served in high one-color 300-400 ml cups.

6. Turkish coffee

Strong coffee made from finely ground coffee beans with the addition of spices, traditionally brewed in a Turk over an open low heat, which does not allow to boil.

This coffee is usually served in transparent shaped glasses.

7. Frappe

Double espresso with milk froth whipped with ice until even blend.

The drink is served in a glass with addition of cold water, ice and milk. To-go frappe may be served in 300-400 ml cups for cold drinks with special inside lamination.

8. Irish coffee

Hot black coffee with Irish whiskey, sugar and whipped cream.

Traditional recipe:

Hot black coffee - 4 parts

Irish whiskey - 2 parts

Whipped cream - 1½ parts

Brown sugar — to taste

It is served in a special mug for Irish coffee - a high glass with a handle or disposable 200 ml cup.

9. Glace

Glacé means “icy, frozen” in French. Black coffee is cooled up to +10 °С and added with about 1/4 part of ice cream, and grated chocolate, coconut shreds, ground cinnamon, nuts to taste.

It may be served in the Irish coffee mug or in 250-300 ml paper cups.

10. Raf coffee

This type of coffee drink appeared in Russia in the late 90-s of the last century: steam-heated cream with a small amount of froth (50 mm) and vanilla sugar are added to espresso. It is often added with syrup.

The drink has a nice, even color and is traditionally served in a transparent tall glass. To-go coffee may be served in double wall 250-300 ml paper cups.

Whichever type of coffee drink you choose, we will always help you choose paper cups for your favorite coffee.

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