Such Japanese meals as sushi and sushi-rolls are not exotic anymore. Recently, they are often ordered to home or office.

Containers for sushi are the special boxes designated to deliver the meals to the customer. Over recent years, the restaurants and cafes owners all over the place using such package. After all, it is fundamentally important not only to cook sushi deliciously, but also to preserve the appearance of the product during its delivery to the customer.

The following requirements are imposed on containers for sushi-rolls:

  • tightness;
  • durability;
  • light weight;
  • ergonomics;
  • the presence of sauces sections (if necessary);
  • eco-friendliness;
  • affordable price.

Package for sushi may be divided into three categories:

1. Expanded polystyrene is a lightweight material that contains air bubbles. This gives a special effect of softness and flexibility. Such container will keep sushi and sushi-rolls safe. The package will protect food against negative external factors and will keep it fresh and tasty. Polystyrene is not transparent. It could be considered as a disadvantage, but this property is not a key one for many customers. In addition, these containers are used more often for home delivery or food to go than in stores.

Expanded polystyrene

2. Transparent plastic - does not allow wet, foreign odors and other substances from the outside to pass through. Such package will preserve the original taste of sushi and sushi-rolls. Transparent plastic sushi containers allow to create aesthetically pleasing look of meals that drives sales. One will immediately want to buy appetizing sushi-rolls, beautifully laid out in a transparent box.

Transparent plastic

3. Cardboard package typically has simpler design. This is a full-fledged eco-packaging, which explains its high cost. The boxes are produced closed or with a viewing window in the form of a pencil case. Most containers are made with inside lamination which allows to pack hot meals. The condensate in this case will not break the package. In addition, this package is easy to apply logo on.

Cardboard package

Sushi containers may be single-sectional and multi-sectional. Some containers have one large section and several smaller sections for sauces, wasabi, pickled ginger.

Such package is very convenient as it may be used as a plate. This is especially convenient if you are going to dine on the street or in the office.

It is important to choose a package that will demonstrate your product favorably, become a good advertisement for a fast food, cafe or restaurant chain, and also be convenient for use by your customers!