Paper chip scoops are ideal for serving fries, cheese sticks and other snacks.

Kraft Paper Chip Scoop "Fry Pack", 450 ml

SKU 214104

3500 ₽ 2700 ₽ / тыс.шт.

Kraft Paper Chip Scoop "Fry Pack", 300 ml

SKU 214103

3500 ₽ 2700 ₽ / тыс.шт.

    Paper packaging for fries by SaaMi

    Due to the high quality of the material from which it is made and the variety of sizes, paper chip scoop is multi-functional to use. It's easy to hold in your hand and put on the table. A key advantage of fries packaging is that it requires no assembly and occupies little space for storage. Perfectly suitable for customizing your product with graphics and stickers.