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Off-the-shelf packaging solutions for food outlets

SaaMi offers integrated solutions for product packaging in food outlets. Every year we see the pace of life increasing. Time-saving comes to the fore. That is why food courts are so popular among the city residents. They are associated with functionality and allow getting a quick and nutritious snack without being distracted from the ongoing issues.

We offer

  • Paper containers for food to go. Fast food restaurants prefer to use paper containers more and more often. They are suitable for microwaves and refrigerators. They are moisture- and fat-resistant and perfectly thermally insulated.
  • Wide range of Fast Food packaging; from trays for hamburgers, packaging for French fries to packaging for snacks.
  • SaaMi paper plates protect against moisture and fat, do not affect the smell and taste of food, are light and compact.
  • Hot and refreshing drinking paper cups.
  • Round salad bowls with double-sided lamination for salads, fruit plates, granola sets, etc.

Packaging with your design

Our company has a wide range of paper packaging of various sizes and volumes; everyone can find something to their liking or order packaging with their own design.

SaaMi provides a full range of services of manufacturing paper food packaging with customer’s design.

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