Fitness food

Off-the-shelf paper disposable packaging for delivering healthy food

Currently, services for the delivery of balanced nutrition are actively developing. We produce disposable packaging for sporty and healthy food delivery services. Eco-friendly packaging complements buyers’ main expectations, as it is harmless to humans. It is user-friendly, multifunctional, and convenient for heating in microwave ovens and eating meals.

We offer

  • Paper containers with transparent lid. Modern solutions for fitness food. They are compact, fat- and moisture-resistant, and convenient for transportation to fitness training or office.
  • Paper containers with folds will save product freshness and useful properties. They do not require a separate lid, while secure locks prevent the containers from being opened during transportation. A wide range of containers allows you to choose a specific type of lunch, be it a cold, hot dish, or dessert.
  • Round salad bowls with double-sided lamination for salads, fruit plates, granola sets, etc.

Packaging with your design

Our company has a wide range of paper packaging of various sizes and volumes; everyone can find something to their liking or order packaging with their own design.

SaaMi provides a full range of services of manufacturing paper food packaging with customer’s design.

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