Coffee houses, bakeries, and pastry shops

Off-the-shelf solutions for bakeries and coffee houses of any type

The aroma of freshly baked pastry and freshly made coffee comes from everywhere.
SaaMi manufactures individual and multiple paper packaging for bakeries, pastry shops, and coffee houses.

We offer

  • One wall and two wall paper cups. They are made of high-quality raw materials, do not leak, and do not burn hands. Paper cup walls are made of high-density cardboard, and the eye-catching cup design gives the customer a nice “after-taste”.
  • Paper containers with transparent lid. They are really convenient for cakes, pies, pastries, eclairs, and hand-made candies.
  • Universal 2-cup carrier. It can simultaneously accommodate two paper cups of different sizes; the cups are well fixed and your hands are free.
  • Paper eco-friendly containers. They are perfect for donuts and bagels.
  • Packaging for snacks, universally suitable for confectionery products such as eclairs and pastries.

Packaging with your design

Our company has a wide range of paper packaging of various sizes and volumes; everyone can find something to their liking or order packaging with their own design.

SaaMi provides a full range of services of manufacturing paper food packaging with customer’s design.

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