Off-the-shelf solutions with beautiful paper tableware for holidays, buffets, and catering

Own-made SaaMi products can be used as beautiful packaging for dishes of any cuisine. Our range is definitely able to offer you tableware and packaging, in which your food will look so appetizing, that your customers will come to you every day.

We offer

  • Paper plates for serving pizza slices, snacks, desserts.
  • Paper containers with transparent lid. Premium appearance makes food portions look larger. The resemblance with an elegant crystal by dozens of edges will not leave anyone indifferent!
  • Packaging for fast food is highly durable. Boxes can not fall apart in the hands of the customer.
  • Round salad bowls with double-sided lamination for salads, fruit plates, granola sets, etc.
  • Paper cups of any size, a wide range of colors and designs. We also can apply your logo to the product.

Packaging with your design

Our company has a wide range of paper packaging of various sizes and volumes; everyone can find something to their liking or order packaging with their own design.

SaaMi provides a full range of services of manufacturing paper food packaging with customer’s design.

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