Paper tableware: application features

Disposable tableware has become a part of everyday life around the world. Such tableware facilitates the arrangement of picnics and holidays, it is convenient for purchasing ready-made meals, eliminates the need to wash the dishes and additionally serves as a bright decoration when setting a table.

Different materials used for production of disposable tableware. In contrast to the plastic tableware paper tableware is advantageous not only due the usability, but also in environmental terms.

The modern variety of disposable tableware knows no boundaries and is not limited to standard cups and plates. Today the paper tableware market offers various types, including:

According to the place of use, disposable tableware is divided into the following categories:

  • for outdoors meals;
  • for children’s cafes and holidays;
  • for outdoor festive events;
  • for fast food outlets;
  • for sidewalk cafes;
  • for vending machines and offices;
  • for eating establishments.

In addition, the tableware varies in color:

  • classic white;
  • colored.

Cardboard with a density of up to 300 g/m2 is used in production of paper tableware. Having low weight and sufficient rigidity, it can contact with drinks and food for several hours without losing its shape. And lamination makes cardboard containers resistant to fat, moisture and high temperatures.

Pulpboard and chipboard are used in production. It may be enamelled, bleached, and colored.

To save costs craftliner cardboard may be used.

There are many options for cardboard coating in production of paper tableware:

  • Single-side and two-side lamination;
  • Antistatic coating;
  • Coating with UV or water-dispersible varnish;
  • Soft-touch coating.

We use paint permitted by the State Sanitary Inspection Authorities for application on paper tableware. Paints should not leave an imprint on the surface of the product or give it an odor. It is also not allowed to use paints containing soluble toxic substances.

Paper tableware may be made in a variety of designs, including those for various feasts. This may be wedding, birthday, New Year and other events. Disposable tableware may be rather decent and emphasize characteristic features of the place. Such tableware may be also made with customer’s logo.

Branded tableware

Branded paper tableware is a perfect solution for those who want to attract many loyal customers and develop the business.

Many people ask which disposable tableware is better to use. Tastes differ but the main advantage of paper tableware is its ecological compatibility.

Paper tableware is safe for health regardless of type and temperature of products to be used with. Such tableware is disposed of by burning. Moreover, such tableware may be recycled.

Positive characteristics of paper tableware are significantly better than those of plastic tableware in the following aspects:

  • safety;
  • reliability;
  • comfortable use.

The main advantages of paper tableware are as follows:

  • Ecological cleanliness, hygiene and safety;
  • Suitable for cold and hot food;
  • Does not change its properties upon contact with food;
  • Easy to store and transport;
  • There is no chance of injury from shatters;
  • No need in special treatment;
  • Convenient advertising platform.