Disposable paper cups are an integral part of the modern service and take away culture. They are used in promotional activities, in fast food segment, during corporate events, festivals and picnics.

Disposable paper cups

Practical paper cups for soft drinks stand out from similar products due to the following properties:

  • Safe for health - do not emit chlorine, hypoallergenic.
  • Hygienic - for single use.
  • Eco-friendly - made of primary raw materials, without chemical exposure, subject to ecological disposal.
  • Certified production technology allows to make more low-cost single wall cups.
  • All products are certified.
  • Affordable price.

Advantages of cups with two-sided lamination

Advantages of cups with two-sided lamination
  • Cup protection against condensation on the outer wall.
  • Do not emit smells and harmful substances.
  • Retain the flavor properties of the drink.
  • Durability, excluding instant deformation.
  • Keep the shape for a long time.

Usually such cups are delivered in stacks which save space in the warehouse, are easy to transport and look aesthetically pleasing in the interior.


Types of cups for cold drinks

Types of cups for cold drinks

Single-color cups (white or colored)

  • Low cost.
  • Perfect for application of logo and inscriptions..

Colored paper cups are mainly used during festivals, picnics, corporate and sport events.

Actual “kraft” is the current trend for conscious consumption.

Cups for cold drinks are available in volumes from 250 to 500 ml.

Suitable for consumer volume:

  • 250 ml;
  • 300 ml;
  • 400 ml;
  • 500 ml.

Accessories for cups for cold drinks

  • Lids
    • Plastic lids (for straw)
    • Dome lids (with or without the hole)
  • Straws
    • Made of paper or plastic;
    • Straight or corrugated.
  • Cardboard carriers for 2 or 4 cups.

Paper cups are the marketing tool

Effective advertising platform

  • Low cost of branding;
  • High reach to target audience.

Bright colors will decorate any holiday, and applying corporate symbols will increase brand awareness./p>

Features traditionally used:

  • Branding
  • Corporate colors.
  • Creation of individual style.
  • Color accent to the event concept.
Paper cups are the marketing tool