Disposable paper cups are an integral part of the modern service and take away culture.

Paper cups applications:

  • coffee houses;
  • promotion activities;
  • fast food;
  • airlines;
  • cruise companies;
  • corporate events;
  • fests and picnics, river cruises.

Practical paper cups for hot drinks:

  • safe for health
    • do not emit chlorine, hypoallergenic;
    • hygienic (single use).
  • eco-friendly
    • made of primary raw materials, without chemical exposure;
    • subject to ecological disposal.

Certified production technology allows to make the cups:

  • with multilayer walls (main properties: heat resistance, moisture resistance, comfort, tightness);
  • with inside lamination;
  • two or three-layer, with a corrugated and smooth surface (popular for "coffee to go").

Such cups:

  • do not emit smells and harmful substances;
  • retain the flavor properties of the drink;
  • are heat resistant;
  • are safe to use (thermos effect);
  • are durable, exclude instant deformation;
  • keep the shape for a long time;
  • are delivered stacked;
  • save space in the warehouse, easy to transport, aesthetically pleasing in the interior;
  • are an effective advertising platform (great marketing opportunities at a low cost).

Bright colors will decorate any holiday, and applying corporate symbols on cups will increase brand awareness. This provides the following opportunities:

  • Branding;
  • Corporate colors;
  • Creation of individual style;
  • Color accent to the event concept.

The following cups are available:

  • Single-color cups (white or colored): they have the low cost comparing to others. Single-color cups are perfect to apply inscriptions and logos on.
  • Colored curs are often used on festivals, picnics and corporate events.
  • Actual “kraft” is the current trend for conscious consumption.

The volume of paper cups

Cups for hot drinks vary from 100 to 500 ml.

1170 ml is used strictly in European-made vending machines, 195 ml and 205 ml - in Asian-made vending machines.

Recommended accessories:

  • Plastic lids (including lids for straws);
  • Sleeves - coffee sleeve (may be use for advertisement, provides for additional comfort);
  • Straws (made of paper or plastic, straight or corrugated);
  • Carrier for 2 or 4 cups;
  • Stirrers.

Paper cups became irreplaceable for consumers due to their efficiency and affordable price.