Today, almost no service sector is complete without disposable containers.

According to statistics, almost 50% of residents of megalopolises use delivery services and have already appreciated the indispensability and convenience of paper containers.

Paper containers applications:

  • Food delivery service;
  • HORECA segment;
  • Street food;
  • Fast food;
  • Restaurants, cafes;
  • Hotel business;
  • Trains;
  • Airlines;
  • Promotion activities;
  • Corporate events;
  • Festivals and picnics;
  • Bakeries, pastry shops;
  • Cruise companies.

Among all the options for packaging of ready-made food, paper containers are the safest, most environmentally friendly solution for food storing and delivery.

Paper containers are made of thick cardboard with inner lamination.

The main properties:

Бумажные контейнеры
  • tightness;
  • wet and oil resistance;
  • durability and convenience during storage and delivery;
  • density from 120 g/m of primary processing;
  • free from harmful substances;
  • biodegradable;
  • safe for health;
  • current trend for environmental care;
  • easy disposal;
  • retain the flavor properties of the food;
  • non-distorting;
  • do not emit harmful substances when exposed to temperatures.

Paper containers may be delivered either already assembled and stacked, or folded, requiring assembly, which saves space in the warehouse and during transportation.

The shapes and volumes of containers presented in SaaMi are suitable for cold and hot meals:

  • soups, ice cream, hot and cold meals;
  • lunch boxes, containers, WOK boxes;
  • pizza, WOK noodles, sushi, salads.
Paper containers

The design of the containers is universal - kraft is popular for food delivery in premium restaurants and for fast food. “Kraft”-design is the main trend in the market of disposable tableware, attracting customers with high purchasing power.

Containers are easy to brand with stickers containing your Company’s logo, which allows to attract the target audience and increase brand awareness.

Paper containers are promising, fashionable, environmentally friendly!